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We have lifting equipment solutions for your manual handling problems.lifting-equipment-sack-handling

One of the biggest uses of the Jumbo Sprint is handling sacks, gone are the back breaking days of someone struggling to move sacks, sometimes weighing up to 50kg.

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Developed with ruggedness in mind.

The JumboSprint, with its sturdy design and construction, is perfectly suited to rugged conditions.

It’s perfect for multi-walled bags, sacks, stones, concrete pavers, as well as cardboard boxes.

Used in combination with a MILLSOM easy-to-move slewing crane or gantry crane system, this new addition to the Schmalz product range delivers a perfect manual handling solution with ergonomic and simple single-handed operation.

You can now have lifting equipment that improves manual handling lifting techniques and at the same time can reduce manual handling injuries.

I am looking for lifting equipment but how do I know which vacuum lifter is best for my manual handling problem? A few of the more common manual handling issues are listed below complete with a matching vacuum lifter solution.

Vacuum Lifter Guide and Products to be Handled

Model Lifting drums Lifting sacks Lifting cartons or boxes Lifting porous boards (MDF,OBA, etc) Lifting laminated or non porous boards Lifting sheet steel, glass, stone, slabs etc.
Jumbo Flex Up to 50kg Up to 50kg Up to 50kg Up to 40kg - -
Jumbo Ergo Up to 50kg Up to 65kg Up to 100kg Up to 300kg Up to 300kg -
Jumbo Sprint Up to 50kg Up to 65kg - - - -
VacuMaster Light - - - - Up to 100kg Up to 100kg
VacuMaster Horizontal - - - - Up to 750kg Up to 750kg
VacuMaster Vario - - - - Up to 2,000kg Up to 2,000kg
VacuMaster 90° Turning - - - - Up to 250kg Up to 250kg
VacuMaster 180° Turning - - - - Up to 500kg Up to 500kg
VacuMaster ECO - - - - Up to 1,000kg Up to 1,000kg
VacuMaster Glass - - - - - Up to 600kg

What is manual handling?

Manual handling involves the use of the human body to lift, lower, fill, empty, or carry loads. Most manufacturing or distribution systems require some manual handling tasks.

How can I reduce the chance of manual handling injuries from occurring?

Manual handling is a common cause of injury in the workplace. Consideration to lifting technique and posture can help, but research indicates that changing workplace design is the most effective way of preventing injuries. The introduction of lifting equipment is a great way to improve manual handling techniques and in turn reduce manual handling injuries.


We have 30kg sacks that we carry from a pallet to our machines, our operators struggle and have to be moved to other work during the day as the work is heavy and hard.

This manual handling problem can be easily over come with a JumboFlex 50 or Jumbo Sprint 45, both options provide simple lifting solutions to a common problem, either can be used in conjunction with a jib crane or low friction gantry crane.

To discuss your specific lifting equipment needs or for more information, please contact the lifting equipment and hoisting equipment specialists at Millsom Materials Handling

FREE CALL Australia-wide 1800 99 22 11.

Stainless-Steel version of the JumboSprint is also available, making it an ideal materials handling aide for both the Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Applications Include:

  • Stacking product onto pallets from a conveyor
  • Feeding hoppers or mixers with bags of product
  • Lifting boxes too heavy to lift manually

Control Handle Options

Standard Controller 250mm Handle Length Extended Controller 500mm Handle Length

The control unit of the JumboSprint is the ideal option when lifting heavy, compact loads that are rough or difficult to lift manually. The operator can use both hands to quickly and effortlessly lift and steer the product precisely from one location to another.

Features Include:

  • Robust construction withstands harsh operating conditions
  • Easily adjustable hover height
  • Precise product location due to a more “hands on” design
  • Easily accessed filter body for quick cleaning

The Modular System

The Jumbo Modular System consists of (7) basic components which are combined to make a tailor-made solution for almost any application: 

  1. Vacuum Generator
  2. Suction Hose
  3. Lifting Unit
  4. Control Unit
  5. Vacuum Head
  6. Accessories
  7. Crane System

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