JumboErgo Vacuum Lifter

We have lifting equipment solutions for your manual handling problems.vacuum-lifter-jumbo-ergo

For handling of:

  • Porous boards such as MDF or OBA sheet,
  • Non porous boards such as laminated bench tops,
  • Cartons,
  • Sacks, etc.

Developed with simplicity and flexibility in mind.

The control handle has no mechanical linkages or cables connecting it to the main body of the lifter. The handle simply adjusts the amount of atmospheric air that is allowed to bleed into the main body of the tube lifter. It is this bleeding effect that controls the raising and lowering of the load that is being held by the suction pads.

When a load is hovering mid-air, the whole system is in a state of equilibrium – letting in just the right amount of air to maintain the correct vacuum level to lift and hold the load.

Depending on the nature of the work piece for manual handling, the vacuum tube lifters can be fitted with various suction pads, such as individual, sack, double or special suction pads. This allows for optimal, safe and precise transportation of each work piece and improved manual handling techniques.

Used in combination with a MILLSOM easy-to-move slewing crane or gantry crane system, a Schmalz Jumbo ERGO range delivers the perfect manual handling solution with ergonomic and simple operation.

You can now have lifting equipment that improves manual handling lifting techniques and at the same time can reduce many of the typical manual handling injuries seen today.

I am looking for lifting equipment but how do I know which vacuum lifter is best for my manual handling problem?

A few of the more common manual handling issues are listed below complete with a matching vacuum lifter solution.

Vacuum Lifter Guide and Products to be Handled

Model Lifting drums Lifting sacks Lifting cartons or boxes Lifting porous boards (MDF,OBA, etc) Lifting laminated or non porous boards Lifting sheet steel, glass, stone, slabs etc.
Jumbo Flex Up to 50kg Up to 50kg Up to 50kg Up to 40kg - -
Jumbo Ergo Up to 50kg Up to 65kg Up to 100kg Up to 300kg Up to 300kg -
Jumbo Sprint Up to 50kg Up to 65kg - - - -
VacuMaster Light - - - - Up to 100kg Up to 100kg
VacuMaster Horizontal - - - - Up to 750kg Up to 750kg
VacuMaster Vario - - - - Up to 2,000kg Up to 2,000kg
VacuMaster 90° Turning - - - - Up to 250kg Up to 250kg
VacuMaster 180° Turning - - - - Up to 500kg Up to 500kg
VacuMaster ECO - - - - Up to 1,000kg Up to 1,000kg
VacuMaster Glass - - - - - Up to 600kg

What is manual handling?

Manual handling involves the use of the human body to lift, lower, fill, empty, or carry loads. Most manufacturing or distribution systems require some manual handling tasks.

How can I reduce the chance of manual handling injuries from occurring?

Manual handling is a common cause of injury in the workplace. Consideration to lifting technique and posture can help, but research indicates that changing workplace design is the most effective way of preventing injuries. The introduction of lifting equipment is a great way to improve manual handling techniques and in turn reduce manual handling injuries.


I currently use 2 people and a forklift to load timber boards weighing almost 200kg onto my woodworking CNC machine, what options do I have?

A Jumbo ERGO 200 complete with easy to move jib crane or low friction gantry crane will allow a single operator to load your timber boards onto your machine safely and easily.

I have cartons weighing about 60kg and need to stack them onto pallets, one of my workers has just hurt his back, what can I do?

Almost effortlessly the Jumbo ERGO 85 with 2 pad DG head will make easy work of this once again in combination with a jib crane or low friction gantry crane.

To discuss your specific lifting equipment needs or for more information, please contact the lifting equipment and hoisting equipment specialists at Millsom Materials Handling

FREE CALL Australia-wide 1800 99 22 11.

Features Include:

  • The load is gripped and lifted by a single medium, namely vacuum.
  • A modular system of variable basic components which can be combined in many different ways permits simple adaptation of the unit to meet individual requirements.
  • A quick-acting non-return valve and the large area of the suction pad(s) ensure that the load is not dropped – even if the electric power or the compressed-air supply fails.
  • Compliance with the latest ergonomic considerations ensures that the use of the Jumbo does not endanger the health of the user.

Load Classes

The various load classes permit selection of the best Jumbo for handling the desired workpiece.

Application Examples





Control Handle Options

Standard Control Unit Control Unit with extension Control Unit with extension and pivot

Unique to the JumboErgo, the innovative design of the Control Handle makes it simple to modify to allow the fitting of an extension tube and/or a pivot unit.

By simply unbolting the handle from the main body of the Control Unit, an extension piece is easily inserted.

Features Include:

  • Simple yet innovative design results in minimal moving parts
  • Adjustable no-load hover level via easily accessed set-screw
  • Easily removable and subsequent cleaning of air inlet filter
  • Same control handle used for entire JumboErgo range

Vacuum Generators

Ejectors SEM 100/300 Blowers SBM & SBL Blower SBV

Pneumatically powered multi-stage venturi vacuum generators available for use in explosion-hazard areas

Vacuum Blowers are used for handling of porous workpieces

Vacuum Blower SBV is frequency regulated for optimal adjustment to the requirements of different applications


JumboErgo / JumboSprint
Blower Size 35kg 45kg 65kg 85kg 110kg 140kg 200kg 300kg
SEM 300
SBM (3.0 kW)
SBL (4.0 kW)
SBV (4.0 kW)


Features Include:

  • The directly-driven, precision-cast impeller provides a very high level of reliability
  • Integrated exhaust silencer to keep sound levels below 75 dB(A)
  • Includes a preset pressure limiting valve for additional safety
  • Due to no contact surfaces within the blower (unlike vane pumps), maintenance intervals are extended
  • Main pump bearings have a 20,000 hr lubrication service interval

Lifting Unit:

The Lifting Unit is the component that does all the lifting work. The “Trunk” is a wire and fibre reinforced length of tubing which is compressed and extended as the load is lifted and lowered. The trunk has been specially developed just for this application, and is capable of withstanding up to -0.65 Bar (65%) of vacuum.

The Lifting Trunk is available in (8) different diameters (one for each of the different lifting capacities). it is the diameter of the tube which dictates the weight the Vacuum Tube Lifter can lift.

Each trunk comes as a 1700mm lifting stroke as standard. Optional 2100mm lifting stroke available upon request.

Features Include:

  • Lifting Unit is common to both the JumboErgo & the JumboSprint range of lifters
  • Upper low-friction swivel unit capable of 360° continuous rotation
  • Integrated safety valve to prevent dropping of load in the event of power failure
  • Compact construction gives minimal height loss
  • Lifting Tube can be shortened for restrictive operating environments
  • Compressed air lead-through available for custom attachments

Vacuum Heads

Lifting different loads is not just a question of the weight involved, but also selecting the best vacuum head suitable for the load. For both theJumboErgo and JumboSprint range of Vacuum Tube Lifters, a comprehensive range of vacuum heads are available.

Since there are matching suction pads for each size of vacuum lifting unit, it is possible to assemble an optimum solution for most product handling needs, even if only a small surface area is available.

Standard Range

The following are standard vacuum heads which are available to the JumboErgo & JumboSprint range of Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifters.

Single Head EG Long Head LG Round Head RG Sack Head SG

For rigid cartons, sheets, furniture elements etc.

For pallets, narrow cartons, beams, square-section tubes etc.

For barrels, cans, stone or concrete slabs with rough surfaces etc.

For paper and plastic sacks, raw rubber bales, film-wrapped products etc.


2-Pad Head DG 4-Pad Head VG Double Head FM Multi-Pad Head – Multi

For cardboard cartons, crates, pallets etc.

For larger cartons, sheets, MDF and laminated boards etc.

For pallets, layers of product, products with gaps or holes etc.

For soft cartons that mis-shape when lifted etc.


Don’t see a Vacuum Head that suits?

Years of experience have enabled Millsom Hoists to develop a huge variety of custom-built Vacuum Heads for difficult-to-lift products. If we haven’t already built a head for a product similar to yours, then all is required is a sample product, and our Engineers will develop one for you.


Quick-Change Adapter SWA Dust Filter STF Motor Protection Switch MSS Radio Remote Control FFS

By fitting a quick-change adapter, all suction pads can be quickly changed to suit different handling applications.

Fitted to systems that have dirty or dusty surroundings. The cartrige can be replaced quickly and easily.

For switching the vacuum generator on and providing it with over-current protection.

For switching the vacuum generator on remotely. Also provides over-current protection.


Blower Silencer Box SBB Pneumatic Swivelling Unit PSE Manual Swivelling Unit SE Protective Sleeve and Parking Net

The silencer box reduces the noise output of the side-channel blowers down to approx 65 dB(A)

For smooth pneumatically powered swivelling of workpieces through 90°

For manually swivelling workpieces through 90°

Protect the lifting tube from damage and also park the lifter when not being used


Feed Hose VSL Tube-Cylinder Extension SZV Turning Unit DE

60mm ID hose used to connect the vacuum generator to the Jumbo lifting unit. Hose lengths up to 50 metres can be acheived.

The tube extension is used for lifting workpieces in or out of deep cages or boxes

For horizontally turning workpieces independantly of the control handle. Useful when creating layer patterns on a pallet


Crane Systems

We can also help you choose the right crane system for your particular vacuum lifting application. The two main crane systems that are used for the Jumbo range of vacuum lifters are:

Additional Information 

Brochure-Jumbo – Download PDF for further detailed information 


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