Safely handle glass sheets outdoors

The VacuMaster Glass is the ideal solution for handling plates of glass in an outdoor environment. The lifting device is designed for use high above the ground using a site crane, and as such, the highest of safety precautions have been implemented.

Utilising dual independent vacuum circuits, if one circuit fails, the second circuit is able to handle the maximum load alone. Each circuit has its own vacuum reservoir and manometer for displaying the vacuum level, and if the vacuum drops to a critical minimum level an audible and visible warning signal is produced.

Using the VacuMaster Glass, workpieces can be swivelled manually by 90° and rotated continuously through 360°. These movements can be locked into place in 18° increments for swivelling, and 45° increments for rotation.

Features Include

  • High level of safety through two redundant vacuum circuits
  • Simple transport and assembly due to its compact and flat design
  • Battery powered with integrated charging system and LED charge indicator
  • Vacuum deactivation via a double-action slide valve to prevent accidental operation
  • Vacuum pressure gauge for each vacuum circuit
  • Manual swivel and rotation mechanism
  • Audible and visual electronic warning device


The flexibility of the VacuMaster Glass allows the adaptation to workpieces of various sizes. The device’s extension arms can be easily removed, so the number of suction plates is appropriate for the load to carry.

The two redundant vacuum circuits distribute the vacuum according to the number of suction plates, ensuring the glass can be handled safely at all times.

Four suction plates Six suction plates Eight suction plates

(4) suction plate configuration for a maximum load of 300 kg

(6) suction plate configuration for a maximum load of 450 kg

(8) suction plate configuration for a maximum load of 600 kg

Technical Data:

Battery Supply 12 VDC, 4A
Battery Capacity 7 Ah
Volume in each safety reservoir 1.0 ltr
Operation temperature range 0°C to 40°C
Suction Capacity 1.8 m³/hr
Operating time 8 hrs
Suction plate diameter 400 mm


Additional Information

Brochure-vm-glass - Download PDF for further detailed information

Video: VM-Glass