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  • Special check valve with flying ball
    »  Reduction of the cross-section of the vacuum line leading to an unused suction pad; special version for porous workpieces
  • Integrated nipple for connection of a suction pad
    »  No additional nipple needed for many different types of suction pad
  • Check valve with self-cleaning effect
    »  Special version for use in dusty surroundings
  • Reaction dependent on the volume flow rate
    »  Not triggered by the normal leakage encountered when handling porous workpieces
  • Minimum size
    »  Also suitable for use in restricted spaces


  • Primarily for maintaining the overall system vacuum in vacuum gripper systems used for handling porous workpieces; if a suction pad is not in contact with the workpiece or is pulled off, the flow rate is greatly reduced

  • Handling of porous workpieces in dusty surroundings


  • Flying-ball valve mounted in a space-saving manner in an aluminum body

  • Blow-off function provides self-cleaning effect for use in dusty surroundings

  • Molded-on nipple for various types of suction pads (size identical to that of a standard nipple)

Additional Information

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