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  • Check valve in the form of a ball seat valve
    »   Closing of vacuum lines leading to unused suction pads to maintain the system vacuum
  • Reaction dependent on the volume flow rate
    »   Low leakage rate which can be compensated with the aid of a bypass
  • Wide range of nominal sizes
    »   Also suitable for use in applications with high nominal flow rates
  • Available with male thread at the top (type SVK) or bottom (type SVKG)
    »   Can be connected to all common suction pads and plates


  • Applications where some of the suction pads may not be in contact with the workpiece (deactivation of unused suction pads to maintain the system vacuum)

  • Handling of workpieces with varying sizes and shapes with the same gripper system


  • Ball seat valve

  • Ball in brass seat, installed in a space-saving manner in an aluminum body

  • On the type SVV, the flow rate can be adjusted continuously with an adjusting screw

Additional Information

 SVK-SVKG-SVV (188 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information