Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • Miniature vacuum valve for direct mounting in a suction pad
    »   Individual control of single suction pads
  • Compact construction, simple installation
    »   Minimum space requirements; simple installation
  • Integrated sieve to protect against dirt
    »   Increased functional safety
  • Decentralized vacuum control and system monitoring with a valve and an optional Schmalz Mini-Sensor
    »   Improved process reliability and reduced standstill times of vacuum systems


  • Deactivation of unused suction pads on systems such as sheetfeeders

  • Individual control of the suction pads of a “vacuum carpet”, e.g. when picking items from stock

  • System monitoring in vacuum spiders by active activation and deactivation of suction pads


  • Solenoid valve in miniature inline construction

  • Nominal diameter 3 mm; nominal flow rate 2 m³/h

  • Attachment facility for vacuum sensor

  • External body made of aluminum

Additional Information

 IV (354 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information