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  • Seat valve in robust metal housing
    »   Suitable for vacuum and compressed air
  • Directly controlled
    »   Short opening and closing times
  • 3/2-way valve (exception: EMV-3 is a 2/2-way valve)
    »   Control of on/off and venting functions
  • Switching function NO (exception: EMV-3 is NC)
    »   Safety in the case of a power failure


  • Vacuum on/off, venting or blow-off functions possible

  • Contrtol of compressed air or vacuum in lines with smaller crosssections

  • NO function ensures workpiece is held even in the case of a power failure

  • For handling tasks with short switching times

  • Suitable for neutral gases


  • Directly controlled solenoid valve

  • Version EMV-3 always with NC switching function

  • Seat valve in housing made of pressed brass 58 with seals

  • Degree of protection IP 65

  • Connection socket complies with DIN 43 650, Form A

  • Supplied complete with plug connector and (for DC operation) a quenching diode

Additional Information

 EMV (373 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information