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  • Modular gripping system composed of harmonized individual components
    »  Fast and competitive configuration for minimal cycle times & high process stability
  • Intelligent valve technology for suction areas that are not occupied by the workpiece
    »  Secure gripping of workpieces with variable measurements and/or undefined position
  • Innovative separation function
    »  Reliable separation of workpieces that stick together because of adhesion or porosity
  • Standardised robust complete vacuum gripper
    »  Reliable competitive solution, easy to install


  • Handling of workpieces with different measurements and/or undefined position

  • Handling of work pieces with cut-out

  • Automated palletising of boards (wood, metal, plastic), panels, plates, glassware, solar panels, extensive cartons


  • Modular system of harmonized components and subassemblies for defined magnitudes and load range

  • Depending on handling application the use of other gripping principles (e. g. single suction pads, mechanical grippers, magnetic grippers, needle grippers) is possible

  • Modular configuration

  • Basic version composed of variable slidable flange module, main beam, vacuum distributor, jointed spring plunger add-on module, suction elements as well as optional vacuum generator

  • The Comfort-Version contains additionally separation unit, valve unit, sensor unit as well as electric terminal box

Additional Information

SSP-FXC-FMC (424Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information