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  • Modular gripping system comprising a range of matched individual components
    »  Quick, low-cost construction of complete gripping systems for minimum cycle times and maximum process reliability
  • Combination of different gripping principles (vacuum, mechanical, magnetic..)
    »  Flexible adaptation to the task in hand saves time and high process costs
  • Standard solutions made of aluminium, steel tube and plastic elements
    »  Low weight and high acceleration rates thanks to optimized selection of the materials
  • Intelligent valve technology disabled unused suction pads
    »  Modern gripping technology makes additional costs for removal of workpieces unnecessary


  • Chaining of robots in press shops and bending lines; automation of plastic, injection moulding and deep-drawing machines; machining centers for wood and plastics; water-jet, laser and punching and nibbling machines
  • Commissioning in stockrooms and distribution centers with the aid of industrial robots or portals
  • Typical applications include the handling of metal sections, sheets, stones, car bodywork parts, glass and ceramic parts, solar panels and non-rigid objects


  • Modular system permits the optimum selection of suction pads, large area gripper, magnets or mechanical grippers, together with spring plungers, holders and beams, and the necessary valve technology with sensors
  • Depending on the application, various vacuum generators can be used (vacuum pump, vacuum blower or ejector)
  • Options available for quick adjustment or fixed settings, separation of sheets of materials, workpiece detection and collision protection

Additional Information

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