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  • Gripping system for various product-layer sizes and patterns
    » Rational palletizing and depalletizing of complete product layers (for shorter cycle times)
  • Maximum robot cell flexibility
    » A wide range of products are capable of being handled without gripper modification
  • Multiple gripping mechanisms
    » Maximum pick and place reliability
  • Special version available for cool-store applications
    » Automated palletizing and depalletizing at temperatures as low as -28°C


  • Palletizing and depalletizing of complete product layers
  • For use in modern production facilities demanding high product throughput
  • Loading and unloading of product layers with “chimneys” (gaps in the layer pattern)
  • Handling Shrunk and unshrunk goods (primary and secondary packaging)
  • Cardboard boxes, combi-packs, bottles, cans, glasses, foils, etc
  • Frozen goods


  • Gripping system with modern valve and vacuum technology
  • Gripper holds layer of product using multiple priciples
  • Vacuum suction surface
  • Global vacuum chamber
  • Auxiliary mechanical clamps
  • Modular components used for complete gripper customisation
  • Modular connection system for all common bus interfaces
  • Light-weight materials used to keep gripper weight to a minimum

Additional Information

SPZ (146 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information

Video: SPZ-M-C