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  • Integrated check valves
    »  Unused vacuum apertures are closed automatically for extrastrong holding force
  • Modular design with various types of vacuum generators
    »  Flexible adaptation to the required task
  • Version with integrated vacuum generator
    »  Rapid generation of the vacuum where it is needed: minimum cycle times
  • Also suitable for use as a double beam
    »  Safe handling, particularly of long and heavy workpieces
  • High reservoir vacuum (energy density up to -0.9 bar)
    »  Uneven or warped workpieces can also be handled safely


  • Handling (generally of complete layers) of sawn wood, sheets, glued beams, steel sections, constructional wood and pallets with badly warped or uneven surfaces
  • Ideal, due to its low weight and compact dimensions, for operation on industrial robots



  • The patented large-area vacuum gripping system SBX is a modular system with many integrated functions
  • Depending on the application, various types of vacuum generator (ejector, vacuum pump, vacuum blower) are available
  • Flexible matching of the length of the SBX to the planned application
  • Very easy installation – only one cable and one compressed-air hose have to be connected

Additional Information

SBX (109 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information

Video: SBX