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  • Large-area gripper with newly developed “combifoam” (pending patent)
    »  Handling of objects which are difficult to grip (such as cans with raised allround edges and pull tabs)
  • Custom sizes available
    »  Gripping of a wide range of objects with varying dimensions and undefined positions with a single gripper
  • Quick-change foam mat
    »  Quick and cost effective replacement of the mat
  • Excellent wear properties
    »  Long lifetime


  • Automated handling of cans with all-round raised edges (such as soft-drink cans, fish cans, etc.), jars with flat lids, empty cosmetic jars, drinking glasses, intrinsically stable flat objects such as boards and sheets.
  • Palletising and de-palletising operations
  • Layer-by-layer handling of objects with defined or undefined positions


  • Sealing foam – for optimal sealing to widely varying objects
  • Height-compensation foam – to compensate for varying object heights within the layer of objects to be handled
  • Quick-change adhesive film – for rapid removal of the sealing mat from the perforated mounting plate

Additional Information

FXC-FMC-Combi  (237 Kb) - Download PDF for further detailed information

Video:   FMC-Combi