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  • Complete solution with pump, reservoir, manometer, filter and (optional) regulation
    »    The “stand-alone solution” for universal use in vacuum clamping and handling applications
  • Integrated dry-running or oillubricated vacuum pump
    »    Vibration-free operation; continuous output with little pulsation
  • Integrated vacuum reservoir
    »    Optimum protection against short-term leaks and power failures
  • Internal electrical regulation (automatic air-saving function, optional)
    »    Economical use in continuous operation due to automatic pump switching and automatic regulation


  • For use wherever there is a demand for high performance, safety and reliability

  • In the version with regulation, the pump generates the preset vacuum value in the reservoir

  • When the maximum preset vacuum value is reached, the integrated vacuum switch turns off the pump until the vacuum drops to the preset minimum value, when the pump is automatically turned on again


  • Vacuum center, consisting of vacuum pump, vacuum reservoir, safety non-return valve, filter and manometer

  • Motor-protection switch and vacuum-regulated motor switch (adjustable) available as options

Additional Information

 VZ (165 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information