Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • Condition monitoring with status indication
    »  Permanent monitoring of the entire vacuum system to reduce machine downtimes
  • Large display and controls
    »  Simple setting and readout
  • High suction capacity and “powerful blow-off”
    »  Short cycle times
  • Integrated automatic airsaving function
    »  Economical operation
  • Clever mounting and connection facilities
    »  Simple and quick installation
  • Extreme resistance to wear
    »  High availability
  • Unaffected by dust and dirt
    »  Maximum process safety
  • No filter needed
    »  Maintenance-free operation
  • Degree of protection IP 65
    »  Splashwater protection


  • Vacuum spiders and other vacuum systems in the automobile industry, in sheet-metal workshops and anywhere where airtightmaterials need to be gripped
  • Generation and monitoring of the vacuum in automated systems
  • Suitable for extremely short cycle times and processes demanding a high level of safety
  • Condition monitoring for prevention of downtimes and for cost reduction by preventive maintenance


  • Compact design with no unnecessary projecting edges
  • Power module of the type SXMP for a higher blow-off power and approximately 50 % shorter relase time
  • Control module with many diagnostic functions
  • Two-color status indicator lamp
  • Integrated counter module for cycle evaluation
  • Quick-change silencer
  • Potential-free electrical connections via one 8-pin M12 connector or two 5-pin M12 connectors
  • Suitable cables available as accessories

Additional Information

 Brochure-XPump (435 Kb) – Download PDF Brochure

 SXP-SXMP (479 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information