Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • High suction and blow-off capacity thanks to the power function
    »  Minimum cycle times due to extremely fast gripping and release of the workpieces
  • Wide range of models with various performance figures
    »  Versions with optimum power ratings for all tasks
  • Automatic air-saving function (option)
    »  Economical use in continuous operation
  • Versatile modular system
    »  Flexible adaptation to customer requirements
  • Digital vacuum monitoring (option)
    »  Easy adjustment with settings shown on an LED display


  • For use in the handling of sheet metal, in the automobile industry, in packing machines and in industrial robot technology for minimization of the cycle times
  • Pick-and-place applications with very short cycle times (very fast release of workpieces thanks to the power function)
  • Handling of non-porous workpieces


  • Compact ejector SMP, consisting of an anodized aluminum body, filter, silencer, two control valves (grip/blow-off) and non-return valve
  • Power function for reduction of the blow-off time by about 50 %
  • Optionally available as NO or NC version
  • Optional vacuum monitoring with electronic (VE) or digital (VD) vacuum switch
  • Optional air-saving function (RE or RD)
  • Suitable for mounting on block mounting plate GP
  • Suitable for filtered, oil-free compressed air (4-6 bar)
  • Compact ejectors with air-saving function, including cables

Additional Information

 SMP (587 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information