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  • Inline vacuum generator with axial connections
    »  Direct installation in the vacuum hose
  • Weight = 5 g!
    »  Ideal for highly dynamic processes
  • Nozzles with high suction capacity at high vacuum values
    »  Minimum air consumption
  • Slimline plastic housing designed for easy handling
    »  Suitable for installation in restricted spaces
  • Connection by means of pushin couplings
    »  No need for additional connecting elements
  • Air outlet optimized for minimum noise levels
    »  Low noise output


  • Direct installation in the vacuum hose
  • Use in feeder systems
  • Handling of electronic components
  • Use in separation systems for plastic and sheet-metal machining


  • Vacuum generator with single nozzle in two power ratings, 0.5 and 0.7 mm diameter
  • Axial connection of compressed air and vacuum with quick-action push-in couplings for hose diameter 4 mm
  • Two-piece housing made of light, impact-resistant plastic
  • Air outlet with good flow characteristics
  • Pleasing industrial design, only 10 mm thick

Additional Information

 SLP (312 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information