Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • Blower with either extremely high suction capacity or high vacuum, as desired
    »   For handling either porous materials or heavy parts
  • Integrated frequency converter, controlled locally or by an external controller
    »   Optimum adjustment of the volume flow rate or the vacuum value to meet customer requirements
  • Compact and lightweight design
    »   User-friendly design and small dimensions
  • Energy savings at lower speeds
    »   Reduced electricity costs and noise output levels
  • Wide range of models with varying performance
    »   Safety for every application


  • Handling of cardboard, foam materials, insulating materials, recycled materials and other porous materials

  • Handling of varying materials, which means that the suction capacity must be adjusted frequently


  • Vacuum blower in the form of a directly driven side-channel compressor with integrated frequency converter

  • Vacuum limiting and motor-overload protection provided automatically by the frequency converter

Additional Information

 SGBL-FU (272 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information