Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • Ejector family with a very high suction capacity
    »  Fast and safe handling of all porous materials
  • Multi-stage ejector nozzle with high efficiency
    »  Fast evacuation in the lower vacuum range, cost reductions and shorter cycle times
  • Integrated control valves and vacuum switch
    »  Compact unit for space-saving installation
  • Optional automatic air-saving function
    »  Lower energy consumption when handling air-tight parts


  • Handling of cardboard boxes, packaging and insulating materials and other porous materials


  • Aluminium nozzle system
  • Gaskets and valve flaps made of NBR
  • Silencer can be mounted axially or on the side
  • Functional munting plate with suction valve (NO or NC) and blow-off valve (NC)
  • Optional vacuum switch

Additional Information

SEM-C (423 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information