Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • Minimum size and very low weight
    »  Optimum vacuum generation directly on the suction pad, suitable for very dynamic movements
  • Versatile modular system
    »  Flexible adaptation to customer requirements
  • Integrated valves and vacuum monitoring
    »  Complete solution for very simple installation
  • Wide range of models with different performance figures
    »  Optimized air consumption thanks to various models with differing suction capacities


  • For use in applications with very dynamic movements
  • Ideal for use in restricted spaces
  • Preferred applications: handling with industrial robots, linear axes and pick-and-place systems


  • Anodized aluminum body with normally closed blow-off valve and either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) suction valve
  • Integrated filter and silencer
  • Can be connected to a connecting plate (block mounting)
  • Compact ejectors delivered without cables

Additional Information

 SCPM (377 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information