Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • I-O link function with remote parameterisation
    »  Connection to bus systems and fast data synchronisation
  • Clearly structured user display with setting buttons
    »  Easy to enter and read vacuum parameters
  • High suction and blow-off capacity
    »  Short cycle times can be implemented
  • Integrated air-saving function
    »  Minimises energy costs
  • Suction function as pulse variant is available
    »  No undesired air consumption when the machine is stopped
  • Compact disk design
    »  Minimal space requirements
  • Standardised connections
    »  Easy to install
  • Weight-optimised housing
    »  Minimal stress during high accelerations
  • Open silencer
    »  Low maintenance


  • Handling of non-porous and porous work-pieces
  • Preparation and monitoring of the vacuum in automated systems
  • For use in sheet metal processing, the automotive industry, with packaging machines, and in various robotic applications to minimise cycle times
  • Pick-and-place applications with the shortest of cycle times (quick picking up and lowering via power function)


  • Base element made of high-strength plastic
  • User display with 7-segment display and operating keyboard
  • Electronic ejector control with monitoring functions
  • Electrical connection via standard M12 plug, optional electrical isolation
  • Integrated pneumatic valves for NO, NC or pulse switch functions
  • Power blow-off pistons for type SMPi provides extremely high blow-off output and reduces release times
  • Pneumatic connections (3/8″ and 1/4″) with protective sieve
  • Adjusting screw to reduce blow-off volume
  • Luminous display indicates system status

Additional Information

 SCPi-SMPi (456 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information

www.io-link.com – Visit the IO-Link website for further information on this technology