Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • Externally controlled compact ejector
    »  Optimum integration into field-bus systems
  • High suction and blow-off capacity
    »  Fast evacuation and blowing off reduce the cycle times
  • Wide range of performance values
    »  Optimum range of models with different performance figures for adaptation to the intended task
  • Optional vacuum monitoring
    »  Increased process safety


  • Handling of airtight or porous workpieces (car bodywork components, etc.)
  • For use in the automobile, packing and robotics industries, etc.
  • For use in gripper systems where the ejector is to be controlled by an existing block of pneumatic valves
  • Integration into field-bus systems


  • Anodized aluminum body with ejector nozzle, filter, silencer, non-return valve and power function
  • Optional vacuum switch for system monitoring
  • Control plate with threaded connections for control of the functions “grip” and “blow-off” by means of external compressed air pulses

Additional Information

 SCP-FS (218 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information