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  • Vacuum pump in the form of a water ring pump
    »    Robust and maintenance-free design for the highest demands with respect to the surrounding air and the ambient temperature, such as in the foodstuffs industry
  • Non-contact compression
    »    Needs no lubrication, no replacement of parts and no regular maintenance
  • Internal water cooling permits continuous operation at high loads
    »    Particularly suitable for lifting and holding loads for long periods
  • Wide range of models with various outputs
    »    The inlet volume flow rate can be adjusted to meet customer requirements
  • With water-inlet regulation as standard
    »    Permits maintenance-free operation


  • Designed especially for applications with high demands with respect to the surrounding air and ambient temperature
  • For use in handling and packing tasks in the foodstuffs sector
  • Suitable for continuous operation at high outputs without additional overload protection


  • Water ring pump with internal drying of the exhaust air and water recovery
  • Three-phase drive motor
  • Multi-vane compressor with very little vibration and constant output with little pulsation, complete with inlet regulator for controlled water input
  • Hard-wearing, replaceable sealing elements in the pump body
  • Inlet regulator for water-level control

Additional Information

 EVE-WR(261 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information