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  • Oil-lubricated vacuum pump
    »    Robust design requiring very little maintenance for almost constant vacuum generation at high vacuum values
  • Multi-vane rotary pump
    »    Vibration-free operation and continuous, low-pulsation output
  • Permanently lubricated bearings and powerful cooling fan
    »    Excellent heat dissipation
  • Wide range of models with various outputs
    »    Input volume flow rate can be adapted to meet customer requirements


  • Manual and automatic handling of various air-tight and porous workpieces
  • For use as a central vacuum generator with high maximum vacuum in large vacuum-gripper systems
  • For evacuation of vacuum reservoirs


  • Oil-lubricated vacuum pump with integrated oil separator, three-phase power supply, optionally available with additional filter and motor-protection circuit
  • Multi-vane rotary vacuum pump with constant, low-pulsation output; very little vibration
  • Compact design with integrated cooling fan and permanently lubricated bearings
  • Hard-wearing sealing elements in the pump body which can be replaced as necessary

Additional Information

 EVE-OG (334 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information