Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • Minimum size and low weight
    »  Optimum installation in vacuum systems, even those subject to high rates of acceleration
  • Optionally with analogue or digital output
    »  Suitable sensors for various applications
  • High measuring accuracy
    »  Precise output signals
  • Vacuum connection with M3 or M5 thread or with diameter 4 or 6 mm plug-in tubes, according to version
    »  Flexible mounting facilities


  • Measurement of vacuum values close to the suction pad; remote evaluation of the signals in, for example, a stored-program controller


  • Mini-sensor with housing and connection cable
  • Available with either screw connector or plug connector
  • Analogue or digital output signal

Additional Information

 VS-V-SA-SD (179 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information