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  • Electromechanical vacuum switch
    »  Simple construction and precise operation
  • Switching point adjustable
    »  Can be adapted to meet customer requirements
  • Wide range of variants (with different supply voltages and connections)
    »  Versatile facilities for adaptation to local standards


  • Universal electromechanical vacuum switch for safety monitoring, optimization of cycle times and regulation circuits
  • cial version for switching both DC (24 V) and AC (110 V / 230 V) voltages
  • Suile for measurement and switching tasks


  • Electromechanical vacuum switch in a robust plastic housing made of Grilamid
  • Vacuum connection by flange and by additional M5 female thread
  • Switching point adjustable with a screw/li>
  • Power connection and signal output optionally via 4-wire cable or 4-pin M8 screw connector (24 VDC version only)
  • Integrated LED for indication of the switching state

Additional Information

 VS-V-A-EM (187 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information