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  • Electronic pressure switch with digital display
    »  Electronically precise switching with two separate switch outputs
  • Switching point and hysteresis programmable with the foil keypad
    »  Can be adapted optimally to customer requirements
  • Two separately programmable digital output
    »  Upper and lower limit values can be displayed
  • Special functions can be programmed
    »  Further adaptation possible


  • Universal electronic pressure switch for all safety monitoring tasks, optimization of cycle times and regulation circuits
  • Small size and low weight permit installation directly at the point of use in handling systems
  • Cubic shape is also suitable for panel mounting


  • Electronic pressure switch in robust polycarbonate housing
  • Pressure connection via G 1/8″ female thread
  • Display with 3 digits and foil keypad on front for setting the values
  • Integrated LED for indication of the switching state

  • Electrical connections and signal output via 4-pin M8 screw connector

Additional Information

 VS-P10-W-D (202 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information