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  • Switching points can be set with teach button
    »  Fast adjustment of switching points
  • Two digital outputs
    »  Fewer switching elements needed
  • Two-colour LED indicator
    »  Easily visible status indication
  • For upright or flat mounting
    »  Space-saving installation
  • Switching capacity 200 mA
    »  High switching capacity
  • Minimum size
    »  Low space requirements
  • Weight only 6g
    »  Mass of switch almost negligible


  • Electronic safety monitoring of compressed-air systems
  • Suitable for both measuring and switching
  • Suitable for use in highly dynamic handling systems


  • Plastic housing in 10-mm design
  • Adapter plate for quick mounting, either vertically or horizontally
  • Teach button integrated into the cover
  • Transparent cover over the LED indicator
  • Power and control connections via 4-pin M8 connector
  • Available with 6-mm plug-in tube or M5 pneumatic connection

Additional Information

 VS-P10-AH-AV-T (297 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information