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  • Electronic vacuum and pressure switch
    »  Electronically precise measurement and switching
  • Adjustable switching point and hysteresis
    »  Easily adaptable to match customer requirements
  • Analogue and digital outputs
    »  Adjustable vacuum limit value and continuous vacuum monitoring
  • Measuring range -1 to +10bar; withstands overpressures up to 16bar
    »  Suitable for all special applications in the vacuum and compressed-air sectors


  • Universal electronic vacuum and pressure switch for safety monitoring, for optimization of cycle times and for regulation circuits

  • Small size and light weight permit installation directly at the point of use


  • Electronic vacuum and pressure switch in a robust polycarbonate housing

  • Pressure-line connection with flange or with G1/8″ male thread; both versions with additional M5 female thread

  • Switching point and hysteresis adjustable with screws

  • Power input via 4-pin M8 screw connector

  • Indication of the switching state with integrated function LED

  • Venting plug (reference air, IP65) for screwing into switch housing

Additional Information

 VS-P (187 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information