Our Highlights Your Advantages

  • Universal sealing lip  Suction pad for all smooth and flat workpieces (such as glass), also suitable for workpieces with slightly rough or scaly surfaces (such as wood or sheet metal)
  • Supports on the bottom  No permanent deformation of thin-walled workpieces
  • Low internal volume  Very short cycle times
  • Wide range of diameters  Wide range of versions for many different workpieces
  • Optimized shape  High suction force in spite of small dimensions


  • Handling of smooth, flat workpieces such as sheets of glass and plastic
  • Series SPU B with thicker sealing lip: handling of workpieces with a slightly rough surface, such as wood or scaly metal sheets
  • Series SPU AE with integrated peeling insert: handling of thin metal sheets (approx. 1.0 – 2.5 mm); overcomes the self-adhesion between the sheets
  • Series SPU TV with sensing valve: deactivation of unused suction pads to prevent the entry of unwanted air


  • Suction cup SPU consisting of sealing ring (3) and aluminum support plate (1)
  • Sealing ring clipped securely onto support plate with positive locking
  • Internal sealing edge (4) for better sealing on slightly rough surfaces
  • Side vacuum connector (2) normally sealed with a plug (glued into position for extra safety)
  • Series SPU TV: sensing valve already installed
  • Series SPU AE: peeling insert on the bottom side already installed
  • When worn, the seal can be replaced separately

Additional Information

  SPU Flat Suction Pad Round (340 KB) – Download PDF for further detailed information