Our Highlights Your Advantages

  • Sealing lip made of flexible chloroprene
     Optimal adaptation to structured surfaces such as ornamental glass, checker plate, broken natural stone, etc.
  • Sealing ring clipped securely into the mounting plate
     Quick replacement of the sealing element without tools
  • Support on the bottom
     No permanent deformation of thin-walled workpieces
  • Low intrinsic volume
     Very short cycle times
  • Wide range of different diameters
     Wide range of plates for handling different workpieces


  • Handling of objects with very rough or structured surfaces (such as ornamental glass, checker plate, broken natural stone, etc.)
  • Optionally available with sensing valve for deactivation of unused suction pads to prevent entry of air


  • Robust and hard-wearing suction plate SPK, consisting of flexible MOS sealing ring made of EPDM and aluminium base plate
  • Sealing ring without seams
  • Sealing ring is securely clipped into the base plate
  • When worn, the sealing ring can be replaced without the use of tools
  • Lower side of base plate with elastomer insert to prevent damage to workpieces
  • Threaded hole for sensing valve (off-centre) sealed with a plug in the factory
  • Sensing valve can be ordered as an accessory and is easily mounted (use medium-strength locking compound)

Additional Information

  SPK Flat Suction Plates Round (310 KB) – Download PDF for further detailed information