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  • Flexible, adaptable sealing lip
    »  Excellent sealing performance when used on cardboard and rigid packaging
  • Suction pad features robust, reinforced main body
    »  High intrinsic stability of the suction pad in dynamic processes
  • Support rips on the suction surface
    »  Maximum effective suction diameter for high suction force
  • Made from wear-proof and abrasion-proof material ELASTODUR ED-65
    »  Very low wear for a long service life, approx. 3x the service life of NBR
  • Optional pre-filter (250 µm filtration grade)<
    »  Vacuum system protection directly at the suction pad
  • Modular suction pad structure with connection system Schmalz Connector
    »  Suction pads can be configured for different applications quickly and easily


  • In cardboard box and tray erectors
  • Handling cardboard and rigid packaging in top-loading and side-loading machines
  • Palletising and depalletising processes
  • Heavy-duty applications that require suction pads with excellent sealing and low wear


  • Round flat suction pad SPF with soft, flexible sealing lip and support ribs on the suction surface
  • Suction pad features robust, reinforced main body
  • Made from wear-proof material ELASTODUR ED-65 with a long service life
  • Clip-in filter screen (4) as pre-filter
  • Models with diameter up to 30 mm feature plug-in connection element for quick change of suction pad (1)
  • Models with diameter 40 mm or above feature a two-piece connection element for quick change of suction pad (1). Consisting of mounting top part (2) and lower part (3)
  • All connection elements with male thread are equipped with integrated sealing

Additional Information

SPF (198 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information

Brochure-Packaging Pads (215 Kb) – Download PDF Brochure