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  • Special version with double sealing lip
    »  Special suction pad for flat, porous workpiceces or workpieces with “suck-through” effect, such as sheets of MDF, hardboard, etc.
  • Suction pad with integrated separation function
    »  Prevents porous workpieces from sticking together and overcomes the self-adhesion during unstacking of sheet materials
  • Low internal volume
    »  Very short cycle times
  • Optimized shape
    »  High suction forces in spite of small dimensions


  • Handling and separation of flat, porous workpieces, including those with a “suck-through” effect
  • Unstacking of sheet materials with “suck-through” effect; separation by injection of a throttled flow of compressed air into a separate area of the suction pad
  • Series SPC-TV with sensing valve: deactivation of unused suction pads to prevent the entry of unwanted air


  • Robust, hard-wearing suction pad SPC with double sealing lip, consisting of two seals (inner and outer) and aluminium supporting plate
  • Seals are clipped securely into the supporting plate with specially shaped sections
  • Inner seal separates the central cell for the flow of compressed air (for separation) from the vacuum area
  • When worn, the seals can be replaced separately; the aluminum supporting plate can be re-used
  • The supporting plate has one threaded hole in the center (for connection of the compressed air A) and a second threaded hole towards the edge (for connection of the vacuum B) for gripping
  • Series SPC-TV: sensing valve already installed
  • Suction pads are delivered assembled

Additional Information

SPC (281 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information