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  • Thin, steep sealing lip with flow fins
    »  Extra-ordinary sealing properties on pouches and other flexible materials
  • Functional separation of corrugations and sealing lip
    »  Compressed bellows have no negative effect on flexibility of sealing lip
  • Reinforced basic body and corrugations
    »  Elimination of collapsing effect when suction pad is stretched under vacuum
  • Mounting by Schmalz Connector SC or by push-on function
    »  Easy integration into machines
  • Extra large nominal diameter for high volume flow rates
    »  Sized for operation with pumps, blowers and multistage ejectors
  • Food grade silicone material (FDA conform)
    »  Suitable for applications in the food industry


  • Handling of flexible products such as pouches and other plastic film packaging
  • Process reliable gripping and handling of solid, powdery and even liquid filled pouches
  • Application in high-speed packaging processes, particularly in conjunction with parallel kinematic robots


  • Bellow suction cups SPB4 with 4.5 folds
  • Extra-wide shaft diameter for high volume flow
  • Flexible sealing lip enables optimum airtight seal on uneven surfaces
  • Special reinforced bellows for additional stability
  • Mounting via Schmalz Connector SC. Alternatively through direct attachment on 3/8″ or 1/2″ pipe via hose clamp
  • All mounting elements with male thread are equipped with integrated gasket ring
  • Optional pre-filter

Additional Information

SPB4 (276 kB) – Download PDF for further detailed information