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  • Soft sealing lip
    »  Optimal adaptation to uneven workpiece surfaces
  • Sealing lip with inner sealing edge
    »  Very good sealing on rough and smooth surfaces
  • Specially structured lower surface of pad
    »  Suitable for highly dynamic operations and short cycle times
  • Optionally available with dirt filter
    »  Also suitable for use in dusty surroundings
  • Version SHFN…E with integrated reinforcing insert
    »  Better stability in rough operating conditions where the pad may be placed directly on the edge of the workpiece
  • Version with sealing ring made of special foam available
    »  Suitable for handling workpieces with very rough surfaces (we recommend testing first without a sealing ring)


  • Handling of furniture components, parquet flooring, laminated and unlaminated chipboard, etc.
  • Handling of rough-sawn wood
  • Version with insert vulcanised into place for vacuum systems in rough operating conditions, where the suction pads are not alway fully covered and may be placed directly on the edges of the workpiece
  • Handling of objects with very rough surfaces with sealing ring made of special foam
  • Individual deactivation of unused suction pads with optional sensing valve to prevent entry of air


  • Adaptable suction pad SHFN, consisting of pad SHF and connection nipple
  • Versions SHFN…E (complete suction pad) and SHF…E (pad only) with insert vulcanised into place for maximum stability
  • Nipple plugged into pad; on version SHFN…E, nipple screwed into reinforcing insert
  • Sealing lip and inner sealing edge for better sealing on rough surfaces
  • Ribs on the upper surface of the pad for greater stability on the version without reinforcing insert
  • Optionally available with sealing ring made of special foam and/or with sensing valve
  • The suction pads are delivered unassembled

Additional Information

SHFN (317 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information