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  • Soft sealing lip
    »  Optimal adaptation to uneven workpiece surfaces
  • Sealing lip with double internal sealing edge
    »  Very good sealing on rough and smooth surfaces
  • Specially structured lower surface
    »  Suitable for highly dynamic movement and short cycle times
  • Optimized shape
    »  Gasket can be changed quickly without tools


  • Handling of sheets, furniture elements, parquet and similar large, flat workpieces
  • Handling of wooden parts with rough surfaces
  • Individual suction plates can be deactivated with the optional sensing valve to prevent the entry of air


  • Suction plate SHF, consisting of gasket and aluminum mounting plate
  • Gasket clipped securely to mounting plate (can be changed without tools)
  • Sealing lip and double internal sealing edge for better sealing to rough surfaces
  • Vacuum connector on the side normally sealed with a screw plug
  • The optional sensing valve can be ordered separately and installed by the customer. Use medium-strength locking compound for installation
  • Filter sieves available as accessories

Additional Information

SHF (153 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information