Our Highlights » Your Advantages

  • Wide range of different sizes and shapes
    »  Wide range of models for various mountings
  • Various diameters
    »  Models to match all common CD types
  • Full-ring version (SGR)
    »  Full suction force in spite of small size
  • Half-ring version (SGH)
    »  Can be moved sideways towards a centering mandrel
  • Also available with spring mounting (SGR-G, SGH-G)
    »  With lifting effect for better cancellation of adhesion forces


  • Handling of CDs or DVDs in fast-running, fully automatic systems
  • Handling of CDs and DVDs in all processing steps of CD/DVD production and further processing


  • Robust and hard-wearing annular suction pad SGR/ SGH with single sealing lip, without nipple
  • Neck of suction pad shaped for direct insertion into various mountings

Additional Information

SGR-SGH (417 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information