Our Highlights Your Advantages

  • Flat, oval suction pad
     For long, curved (sections, pipes) workpieces or flat workpieces with bars
  • Pads of the size 24 x 8 and larger additionally secured with a “two-ear clamp”
     Protection against unwanted rotation during use
  • Optimized shape
     High suction force in spite of small dimensions
  • Supports on the bottom
     No permanent deformation of thin-walled workpieces


  • Handling of narrow workpieces, including curved objects, such as sections and pipes
  • Handling of frame elements (doors and windows)
  • Considerably higher suction force than round, flat suction pads when handling narrow workpieces


  • Robust and hard-wearing suction pad SGON with single sealing lip, consisting of suction pad SGO and connection nipple
  • Nipple plugged into pad
  • Pads of the size 24 x 8 and larger are additionally secured with a “two-ear clamp” to prevent rotation
  • Suction pads are delivered unassembled

Additional Information

  SGON Flat Suction Cup Oval (322 KB) – Download PDF for further detailed information