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  • Bell-shaped suction pad
    »  Optimal adaptation to strongly curved surfaces
  • Specially structured bottom surface
    »  Suitable for extremely dynamic handling operations
  • Very stiff suction pad
    »  Very good stability when subjected to horizontal forces and acceleration
  • Nipple vulcanised to pad
    »  Prevents damage and downtimes which result from loss of suction pads


  • Handling of workpieces with very small radii of curvature
  • Handling of sheet metal in very dynamic applications (shorter cycle times)
  • Prevention of oscillation of workpieces during handling, thanks to very stiff construction
  • Suitable for use in, for example, feeder systems for press lines in the automotive industry
  • Non-slip handling of oily metal sheets thanks to special groove in lower surface


  • Round, bell-shaped suction pad with single sealing lip, special groove and inner support
  • Made of natural rubber NBR, material hardness 60 Shore
  • Delivered with nipple already installed

Additional Information

SGGN-53-80 (213 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information