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  • Thin and flat sealing lip for suction plates with 125 mm and 200 mm diameters
    »  Little relative movement during pick-up; this prevents the surface of the workpiece from being damaged
  • Replaceable sealing ring with 125 mm and 200 mm diameters
    »  The sealing ring can be replaced quickly and without tools
  • Steep sealing lip on suction plates with 300 mm and 400 mm diameters
    »  Optimum pick-up behavior and damping effect for the positioning of the suction plate
  • Low total weight of the suction plates
    »  Higher accelerations in automated processes
  • Highly effective suction surface
    »  Absorption of high suction and lateral forces
  • Low interior volume and low suction pad stroke
    »  Short evacuation times for faster processes and reduced cycle times
  • Special material EPDM
    »  For use in areas with high UV and ozone levels


  • Handling of flat, smooth workpieces, such as glass and plastic sheets
  • Handling of very thin workpieces, such as plate glass (float glass) or coated glass
  • Used in the solar industry (module manufacturing process) for the handling of solar modules
  • Used in glass manufacturing processes where interleavant powder is used
  • Used in manual handling equipment (for example, glass lifting devices) outdoors
  • Handling processes in which high lateral forces are important (for example, through high accelerations or vertical handling)


  • 125 and 200 mm diameter with replaceable sealing ring
  • 300 and 400 mm diameter with vulcanized sealing ring
  • Low interior volume and low weight
  • Soft sealing lip and double sealing edge
  • Optimized internal structure for handling glass sheets for which interleavant powder is used in the process
  • Material EPDM 55 ShA (gray)
  • Centered vacuum connection, optionally with insert filter as prefilter
  • Eccentric connection for sensing valve or insert filter, as standard closed with a plug (secured with adhesive)
  • The suction plates are delivered assembled

Additional Information

  SGF (220 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information