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  • Optimized oval shape with 1.5 folds
    »  For long, narrow workpieces and for stamped bodywork components
  • Large-area structured inner support
    »  Prevention of deep-drawing and handling of very high lateral forces for very dynamic movements, even with oily metal sheets
  • Wide range of sizes
    »  For a wide range of workpiece sizes and shapes
  • Very stiff top fold
    »  Very good resistance to lateral forces and high horizontal acceleration values
  • Soft and flexible sealing lip
    »  Very good sealing, even on slightly curved surfaces


  • Handling of metal sheets with very dynamic movements (shorter cycle times)
  • Handling of thin steel sheets and aluminum sheets without deformation
  • For use e.g. in feeder systems for press lines in the automobile industry
  • Handling of long, narrow workpieces such as reinforcing ribs and plates
  • Special slot on the bottom prevents the oily metal sheets from slipping, permitting precise positioning in laser-cutting machines and stamping presses


  • Robust and hard-wearing oval suction pad SAOB with 1.5 folds, single sealing lip, special slot and inner support
  • Connection nipple glued to the suction pad with a reinforcing element (very high strength)
  • Suction pads available with various connection types
  • Suction pads are delivered assembled

Additional Information

SAOB (311 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information

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