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  • Large rectangular suction surface
    »  Very good gripping of rectangular workpieces
  • Very soft and flexible corrugations
    »  Very good adaptability to non-uniform surfaces and non-rigid workpieces
  • Soft and adaptable sealing lip
    »  Optimised sealing on structured surfaces and workpieces with folds
  • Optional supporting frames available for mounting in the corrugations
    »  Improved stability of the suction pad in the corrugations


  • Handling of rectangular packing materials with non-uniform surfaces
  • Handling tasks in the packaging industry such as handling of film-packed products, filled plastic bags; workpieces with folds
  • Handling of non-rigid workpieces and flexible outer packing materials which can be deformed during handling
  • Depending on the application, the desired number of supporting frames can be inserted
  • We recommend testing with original workpieces before use, particularly if supporting frames are used


  • Rectangular bellows suction pad FSGB-R with single sealing lip, consisting of suction pad FGB-R and connection plates
  • FSGB-R 52×25 and FSGB-R 60×29 with 2.5 corrugations; FSGB-R 80×30, FSGB-R80x40 and FSGB-R 80×50 with 3.5 corrugations
  • Very adaptable geometry and soft, flexible sealing lip
  • The suction pad is securely clamped between connection plates. Screw connection of the pad side to permit simple, in-situ replacement of pad
  • Supporting frames (available as accessories) can optionally be mounted in one or more of the corrugations

Additional Information

FSGB-R (397 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information