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  • Optimised shape with 1.5 corrugations and large effective internal diameter
      »Optimised damping effect when positioning on workpiece, high suction force
  • Soft and adaptable sealing lip and bottom corrugation
    »  Very good adaptation to curved or uneven surfaces
  • Stiffer upper corrugation
    »  High stability when subjected to horizontal acceleration
  • Flexible and adaptable material
    »  Optimised sealing properties, even on non-rigid workpieces
  • Hard-wearing material PVC
    »  Long operating lifetime, very wide range of applications


  • Handling of extremely fragile workpieces thanks to damping effect of corrugations and soft sealing lip
  • Handling tasks in the packaging industry such as handling of film-packed and blister-packed products and small cardboard boxes
  • Suitable for use in box openers or for positioning of labels
  • Suitable for handling non-rigid workpieces and soft packaging materials
  • Handling tasks in special processes which use chlorinated water, such as rinsing of plastic bags
  • Handling of CDs and DVDs


  • Robust and hard-wearing suction pad FG with 2.5 corrugations and single sealing lip
  • Very adaptable geometry and soft, flexible material
  • Large effective internal diameter

Additional Information

 FGA-PVC (337 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information