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  • Sealing strip in any desired length
    »  Self-construction of “vacuum grippers” in any desired shape and size to match specific workpieces
  • Sealing profile made of twocomponent section
    »  High-strength support strip with foam rubber seal vulcanised or glued to it, for sealing to very rough or structured surfaces (such as ornamental glass, rough natural stone, concrete blocks, etc.)


  • Production of self-made, individual suction plates
  • Adaptation of suction plates to match special workpieces
  • Handling of sacks, barrels and similar objects with irregular surfaces


  • Robust and hard-wearing sealing profiles in various cross-sections
  • Profile 2K-MOS-20: sealing strip made of foam rubber, vulcanised to support strip (Supporting and sealing section made of Chloroprene CR)
  • Profile 2K-SWG-20: sealing strip made of foam rubber, glued to support strip (Supporting section NBR, sealing section natural rubber NK)
  • High-strength supporting-section material with profile on the sides for plugging into a corresponding mounting plate

Additional Information

 DI-PROF(197 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information