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  • Large contact area between wafer and gripper with maximum holding force
    »  High speed, high accuracy handling for cycle times < 1 second
  • Moderate air consumption
    »  Less operating cost than Bernoulli grippers
  • Low vacuum level
    »  Minimal torsional forces and minimal conchoidal fracture risk
  • High throughput vacuum generation
    »  Reliable gripping and handling even of deformed and broken wafers
  • Controlled air discharge
    »  No contamination of working range with silicon dust or fragments
  • Rapid venting of vacuum chamber
    »  Precise positioning and very short cycle times
  • Gripper surface optionally made of PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)
    »  Minimal surface contamination and reduction of blind spots
  • Modular concept with various surface materials, sensors, and optional shock absorption elements
    »  Optional breakage detection through backlit gripper surface


  • Extremely fast, reliable, precise and gentle handling of silicon wafers and cells
  • Loading and unloading of stacks and conveyor belts
  • High accuracy positioning during and after the visual inspection process
  • “In flight” check for broken wafers during handling
  • Fully or partially automated production of silicon PV cells with maximum process stability, production line uptime, cell efficiency, and line output


  • Low weight plastic components
  • Modular design of contact surface, vacuum generator, blowoff unit, robot interface, sensors and optional features
  • Gripper sizes available for standard cell sizes 125 mm and 156 mm, semi square
  • Various contact surfaces available
  • Integrated pneumatic vacuum generation with high throughput and controlled air discharge

Additional Information

SWG (124 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information

Brochure-SWG-WaferGripper (866 Kb) – Download PDF Brochure

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