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  • Large version with very long needle stroke
    »  Optimal for rough operating conditions and heavy parts
  • Two different needle diameters
    »  Specific designs for individual applications
  • Double-acting pneumatic cylinder
    »  Very short cycle times
  • Synchronised extension of the needles
    »  Safe handling of the workpieces
  • Optionally available with adapter flange plate
    »  Perfect adaptation to other mounting components


  • Handling of flexible, non-rigid components
  • Handling of materials which are difficult to grip with vacuum, such as textiles, fleece, felt, carpets, metal foam, insulating mats, foam materials, etc.


  • Robust aluminium housing
  • 24 needles
  • Extension and retraction of the needles controlled by compressed air (2 circuits)
  • Insertion angle 45

Additional Information

 SNG-DL (249 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information