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  • Suction surface with suction openings placed closely together.
    »  Large contact surface prevents the workpiece from being sucked in or damaged, and the vacuum connector from sealing.
  • Integrated vacuum generation.
    »  Compact, ready-to-connect gripper unit.
  • Very high volume flow.
    »  Safe gripping, even with porous materials or work-pieces that only cover part of the suction surface.
  • High suction rate with minimum air consumption.
    »  Low operating costs.
  • Dirt-resistant design.
    »  Maintenance-free operation.
  • Controlled air discharge.
    »  No contamination of process area.
  • Axial or sidewise mounting of gripper.
    »  Flexible mounting possibilities with mounting plate, profiles or HTR-UNI.


  • Handling of composites
  • Handling of non-rigid and unstable workpieces
  • Handling of extremely thin, sensitive foils
  • Handling of blank circuit boards


  • Anodised aluminium main body with integrated vacuum generation
  • Base model with possibility for axial mounting (MA) or sidewise mounting (MS)
  • Quick-change contact surfaces with various diameters
  • Controlled exhaust air
  • Two compressed-air connections (Suction/ blow off)

Additional Information

 SCG (270 Kb) - Download PDF for further detailed information

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