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  • Integrated vacuum generation on the Bernoulli principle
    »  Operates without an ejector; needs only compressed air
  • Suction pad “floats” on an air cushion
    »  Low-contact handling, particularly suitable for very sensitive workpieces
  • High volume flow rate at a low vacuum
    »  Very good compensation for leaks; little deformation of the workpiece
  • No air is drawn in through the workpiece
    »  Reliable separation of thin, porous workpieces


  • Handling of easily-damaged workpieces such as wafers and printed circuit boards
  • Handling and separation of extremely thin workpieces (film, paper, wood veneer, etc,) without permanent deformation
  • Handling of very porous workpieces (such as printed circuit boards with no components installed)


  • Anodized aluminum body with integrated Bernoulli nozzle
  • Vertical and horizontal compressed-air connections
  • Three elastomer studs on the bottom of the suction pad accept lateral forces
  • Can be mounted directly with a spring plunger or with four connection threads

Additional Information

SBS (424 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information