Modular System for Quick and Cost-Effective Designing of Vacuum End Effectors

  • Flexible system design with perfectly coordinated parts
  • Variable number of suction pads and variable suction pad distances
  • Hose-free vacuum distribution
  • FDA-compliant polyphenylsulfon material (PPSU)
  • Designed for high-speed applications with accelerations up to 10g (100 m/s²)
  • Minimizes configuration and production time by more than 80%
  • Reduces manufacturing costs by up to 75%


  • Pick-and-place applications with Delta, SCARA and articulated robots
  • Fully automated filling of cardboard boxes in case packers
  • Use in primary and secondary packaging processes
  • Transporting products into top-loading machines as well as in cardboard box and tray aligners
  • Use in flexible packaging machines with frequent format changes

Vacuum End Effectors VEE System and Components

VEE Configurator VEE On-line Configurator
• Live 3D preview of the configuration
• Creation of a 3D PDF data sheet including a parts list and CAD data
• Simple importing in your consisting construction
• Quick request for proposal (RFP)Go to the Online Configurator
VEE Starter Set Starter Set
Whether for use directly in a robotic system or as a handy design tool – with the VEE starter set you have all of the most important components for quickly assembling your end effector right at your fingertips.
VEE Fange Plate Flange plates FLAN-PL
Quick and easy connection of the flange module to the robot; available specifically for some robot types and as a universal flange.
VEE Flange Module Flange modules VEE-QCM
Quick-change adapter and vacuum connection; either horizontal (max. 20 m³/h and max. 60 m³/h flow rate) or vertical (max. 60 m³/h flow rate).
VEE Rotary Unit Rotary unions VEE-RU
Continuous rotation of the end effector with out decreasing the flow or coiling up the hose.
VEE Flange Extension Flange extensions VEE-FE
Option for flange modules for dipping into cardboard boxes or trays; available in three lengths. Can be swapped quickly thanks to the bayonet mount
VEE Basic Module Basic modules VEE-QCF
Tool-free connection of the end effector to the flange module and central vacuum feed; available as a 1-, 2-, or 4-connection module.
VEE Upper Connector Shell Connector upper part VEE-CO-U
Top half-shell for assembly of connecting nodes; available in closed design or with connection for additional vacuum feed (G3/8“-F).
VEE Lower Connector Shell Connector lower part VEE-CO-L
Bottom half-shell including sealing element and screws for assembly of connecting nodes; either closed or with connection for suction pad (G1/8″-F, G1/4″-F, G3/8″-F)
VEE Connecting Tube Connecting tubes VEE-TU
Vacuum guide and variable connection of nodes; available in 18 mm and 200 mm lengths. Pipe scissors for quick and safe cutting available as accessory
VEE Plug Plug VEE-PL
Seals unneeded connections on connector nodes; vacuum feed on the side and partitioning into different vacuum zones.