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  • Bulkhead fitting with G1/8″- IG and G1/4″-IG threads
    »  All suction pads and nipples with G1/8″-AG and G1/4″-AG threads can be screwed in
  • Male thread over the entire length
    »  Permits precise adjustment of the suction-pad position
  • Locking nuts included
    »  No further mounting elements needed
  • Stainless steel
    »  No corrosion, high stability
  • Hose connection can be combined with Schmalz plug-in unions
    »  Easy adaptation to various hose diameters


  • Mounting of suction pads in vacuum-gripper systems
  • Precise adjustment of the suction-pad height


  • Stainless-steel sleeve with male and female threads
  • 2 locking nuts included
  • Flats for spanner on external thread
  • Vacuum connection by plug-in union (not inclued in delivery), see chapter 8

Additional Information

 SVS-GE (217 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information