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  • Fully flexible mounting of suction pads and suction plates
    »  Very good adaptation to workpieces with sloping surfaces
  • Sealed ball-and-socket joint with vacuum-tight seal
    »  Vacuum-tight construction
  • Low center of flexure
    »  Minimum wear on the suction pad when it is placed on a sloping surface


  • Handling of workpieces with sloping surfaces with the aid of large-size suction pads or suction plates
  • Handling of large sheets of materials (such as wood or sheet metal) which may sag when lifted (flexible mounting with KGL prevents premature pulling-off of the sheet as the result of onesided loading)
  • Can be used together with spring plungers to compensate for differing workpiece heights and uneven surfaces


  • Ball and socket made of galvanized steel (KGL G1/8-IG, G1/8-AG stainless-steel)
  • Ball and socket with O-ring seal to prevent vacuum leaks

Additional Information

KGL (243 Kb) – Download PDF for further detailed information